Intelligent bidding software for Real Estate

Bid more. Win more

Bid more. Win more

Construction bidding using AI with Presnsr PML

Reduce the cost of bidding 100X, respond to 10X more RFPs and bid collaboratively with other subcontractors

Big savings, high reliability and lighting fast


Features Overview

Tracking gantt past performance

Plans based on past performance

The process of creating a bid for a project is essential for the final outcome of the project. If a project is awarded based on a badly built plan and bid, it means that the project will be full of conflicts and profits will be minimal, if there is any.

We take the past results from projects that your company has successfully completed and train Presnsr with that data to make bids that correlate to your company's way of executing projects.

Presnsr app inputs

Simple project inputs for fast bids

Creating construction documentation for a bid takes time and cost money,  it is not different from playing a lottery. Our approach is to simplify to a minimum the cost and effort we invest creating bids.

Construction has the advantage of being well documented and standardized, which is why Presnsr's AI only requires very simple inputs per building to be made, to create a full plan, cost estimate and bid documentation for it.

Presnsr subcontractor comparison app

Compare suppliers in seconds

Almost no construction is done by a single party, which makes the industry quite flexible to execute projects, but also complicates the bidding stage as companies have different approaches and pricing strategies.

With Presnsr, we take the performance of multiple companies using our software to make subcontractor bidding as seamless and easy as possible, all under an environment that is GDPR compliant.

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