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Presnsr PML Features

Presnsr PML is a Software solution that creates bid documentation in seconds to win new projects. Specially design for the Construction Industry, Presnsr's team combines experience from field and unmatched talent in technology development to create a reliable solution.

Presnsr PML improves and learn from previous projects completed and build new plans from basic information. PML stands for Project Management Learner.

We leverage the power of Machine Learning with deep neural networks, enabling data from previous projects to work for you.

Created for

Companies that bid on +50 projects per year

Companies that want to optimize profits

Companies that want to reduce risk, time and cost of bidding

Presnsr PML inputs

Create fast pre-construction documentation to support bids

With just a few clicks, your team can generate complete sets of documents that will transform bidding from a risky bet to an investment.

Presnsr PML uses well defined construction processes to determine the materials needed, labor required and tools to be used to create plans and customizes the outcomes based on past project performance of your company and construction partners.

Compare multiple subcontractors based on performance metrics

When help from subcontractors is needed to fill gaps in a project, we make the process of sending RFPs to them, easy and seamless within the Presnsr PML environment.

You can also send sets of request, which will generate multiple bid sets which give you the opportunity to visualize the impact of different subcontractors on your bottom line performance and execution timeline plan

Metrics comparison Presnsr

Presnsr integration

Create plans that are easy to follow

After a bid is created, Presnsr PML has built-in different integration solutions that allow you to export the reports created to different other platforms like Procore, BIM 360, Asta and MS Project.

Additional to that, our mobile companion notification tool, allows projects to carry over updates through SMS with all the necessary information to keep your workforce in sync.